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and when you’re

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Dear Friend,

​Like me, you may have tried some (many?) of the hundreds of diets and weight loss programs out there…

     …shed some pounds

     …only to gain them (and more) right back

     …along with added frustration (you tried so hard!)

     …and a nagging doubt about yourself!

You’re not alone.

Leslie Dahl here.

What I share comes out of my own experience…my personal struggles.

The 8 eating habits that make up the “Yes I Can” Lose Weight program have been game-changers for me. 

I am excited for you to get your breakthrough with them.

They really are 8 powerful answers to the 100 reasons why people…

begin a weight-loss program or new diet

…with the best intentions

…and strong motivation

….only to give up before they’ve achieved their goals.

5 Common Reasons People Quit Diets

1. The restricted calorie intake causes them to constantly crave food.

2. They become obsessed with calorie-counting.

3. They set unrealistic goals and become depressed when they cannot reach them.

4. Under chronic stress, they overeat or eat unhealthy foods as a source of comfort and stress relief. 

5. They follow popular fad diets that do not take personal conditions into account. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to beat those reasons people quit?

There is… 

     read on…

So, what makes


“Yes I Can” Lose




1. Just as any skill, mindset or habit can be developed through practice, weight loss can be achieved through practising these 8 simple eating habits.

2. It encourages small manageable steps that generate the momentum which carries you to your ultimate goal and allows you to taste success along the way.

3. It focuses on good nutrition rather than bad diet…because weight loss is a whole lot easier when you give your body wholesome nourishment.

4. Most importantly, it addresses the underlying reasons for weight problems, namely, lack of self-esteem and confidence. 

With the celebration of small victories comes a growing appreciation of the amazing, capable person you truly are. 

The celebration of small victories changes how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror. 

With small victories comes growing confidence about yourself… when you’re at work… or out among friends… or at a social      gathering.

You begin to feel inner “Yes I can” strength and confidence rising 

          …“Yes I can” get control of my weight 

          …”Yes I can” dare to dream again 

Not only is “Yes I Can” Lose Weight a common-sense, based-on-science approach, but each of these 8 eating habits is also easy to implement and easy to maintain… 

     …you feel the difference almost immediately. 

And, when you understand why these 8 eating habits work (the science), it is so much easier to stick with it and enjoy the results…

     …you feel great and look great!

Imagine the compliments you’ll get from your amazed friends as they admire your new look!


Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn…

#1. Eat your meals 4 – 5 hours apart

Spacing your meals 4-5 hours apart reduces your body’s stress…

…allows it to comfortably metabolize the nutritious meal you just ate 

…and then allows it several hours to burn off that unwanted fat.

#2. An apple a day

It’s a 2-for-1 snack that cuts back both those hunger pangs and the sugar cravings.

#3. Go easy on the sugar

While it is not necessary to completely avoid sugar, eating too much of it means you’re more likely to put on weight. Get some great tips on how to cut back without pulling out that ‘sweet tooth’.

#4. Just a pinch of salt

Salt is an important nutrient for your body’s health, but as with sugar, too much salt creates health problems and affects weight loss. More great tips that help you cut back on salt without sacrificing good taste.

#5. Go green

Allow yourself to develop a taste for greens—start with an amount you can manage and slowly increase your portions. Adding vegetables to your diet is not as difficult (and painful) as you think.

#6. Mother Nature knows best

While on an ultra-processed food diet, participants in a study ate about 500 calories more per day than they did on an unprocessed food diet, and gained 2 pounds on average over a two week period. Learn how science actually works in your favor when it comes to losing weight.

#7. Stay hydrated

Did you know that drinking water can do as for you as a daily walk? Once again, science is on your side when it comes to losing weight…

Drinking 3 extra cups of water per day cuts your calorie intake by 205…                                                                                       …that’s as many calories as you’d burn walking 2½ miles!

#8. Nothing added

It’s pretty much impossible to avoid these chemicals—they’re in almost everything— but there are some common-sense things you can do to limit your intake of them.

 Debbie Mirander writes…

“This is awesome! I am impressed by the simple, clear articulation. I love the concept of “personal best”. Many times we view our ideal weight from someone else’s perspective. The links to articles throughout the document are a great addition to valuable resources. You presented the journey as one that is totally doable. The benefits are obviously clear!”  

(Debbie Mirander, CEO & Founder at Radiant Tree Wellness & Organics)

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