Simply stated, prayer is a conversation with God. It is honest communication with a trustworthy and faithful Friend.

We can be ourselves and say what’s on our mind using words that are part of our every-day vernacular. We can be authentic and vulnerable in the presence of our Father and best Friend.

That’s true prayer…the kind that God, who calls us His friends, loves.

We arise reassured of our Father’s love for us. With renewed courage and strength, we face the challenges of the day confident that God hears our prayer and that our best interest is His concern.

Good days don’t just happen. They are created by our courageous optimistic response circumstances. They begin as we take command of the morning.

These three prayers help us do just that.

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These 8 easy-to-implement eating habits that help you shed unwanted pounds and feel good about yourself.

This is not another weight loss program that promises unbelievable results … like 20 pounds in 20 days!

This is a common-sense, science-based approach that actually works!

What makes the “Yes I Can” Lose Weight program different?

1. It encourages small manageable steps that generate momentum that carries you to your ultimate goal and allows you to taste success along the way.

2. It focuses on good nutrition rather than bad diet…because weight loss is a whole lot easier when you give your body wholesome nourishment.

3. Most importantly, it addresses the underlying reasons for weight problems, namely, lack of self-esteem and confidence. 

With the celebration of small victories comes “Yes I can” confidence about yourself —whether you’re at work, or you’re out among friends, or at social gatherings.

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“Fear can only exist in the absence of truth and where ignorance persists.”  

Why do so many people choose to remain ignorant and accept the pervading narrative which foments this overwhelming fear rather than search out the truth?

What are the hidden agenda and the overarching aims that drive this global pandemic?

The courage and ability to stand against the global wave of fear and evil rests in our answer to two questions:

1. Do you trust God?

2. Do you believe His Word?

This seminar will help you answer all these questions.

You will receive two powerful Scriptures that are solid rock on which to stand.

And, you will receive an insightful morning prayer that sets you in a positive frame of mind to start your day.

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Blessings express feelings that originate in our hearts.

Something profound happens when we give expression to our feelings with words of gratitude.

When we recognize, acknowledge, and give voice to our blessings in meditation, prayer, or testimony, they change our lives.

Counting our blessings helps keep our mind focused on the meaningful purpose of our life and energizes us to fulfill that purpose.

Count your blessings to access the power of gratitude that propels you forward toward success.

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