Mark records the well-known incident where Jesus rebuked the life-threatening wind and waves on the Sea of Galilee. The disciples were stunned by His demonstration of raw power in the situation.

Jesus quietly turned to the disciples and asked, “Why are you afraid? Where is your faith?”

How do we answer those searching questions?

Is really possible for us to develop the calm, confident poise and authority that Jesus displayed in facing off the howling wind and raging sea?

Did Jesus really expect His disciples to have the kind of faith that neutralizes fear in the face of life-threatening circumstances?

It would certainly seem so.

Is it even thinkable that Jesus expects us to have that kind of faith in the face of our circumstances today?

I believe so.

Fearless Faith Bootcamp does just that—identify the biblical basis of the courageous, confident faith Jesus was looking for in His disciples.

Fearless Faith Bootcamp is not a typical Bible study.

It is an intense 12-week experience of spiritual and personal transformation based on sound Bible principles. It is disciple training.

Fearless Faith Bootcamp is not for everyone.

Lesson 1 outlines a checklist of attitudes, mindsets and motivations required of the individual who truly wants to experience a greater level of courage and confidence in their faith.

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Fearless Faith Bootcamp - Lesson 1

From insecurity to confidence, from indecision to resolute action…that’s the Fearless Faith Bootcamp journey.

The unshakeable courage and unwavering, fear-neutralizing faith that is developed on the way centers around a rock-solid personal relationship with God, our heavenly Father.

The process requires a certain attitude, mindset and willingness to implement biblical principles in our life.

Lesson 1 looks at what it takes to experience the life-changing transformation that results.

Jesus said, “I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow!” (John 10:10 The Passion Translation)

Fearless Faith Bootcamp introduces you to that quality of Christian life.