Leslie Dahl

Leslie Dahl

Personal & Spiritual Development Coach

I help individuals develop their identity, purpose and confidence

so they can use their unique gifts to impact their world.

Through intensive personal training and coaching, I help my clients develop…

  • unshakable belief — seeing themselves as unique, gifted individuals with dreams that are possible to achieve.
  • unwavering faith — calm, confident poise that can withstand adversity and successfully meet every challenge that comes across their path. 
  • unmovable confidence — creative productivity and resilience that stands out from the crowd and positions them for abundance.
  • unstoppable clarity of mission — bold presence that commands attention and powerful leadership that is authentic and compassionate.

My Story

I am a catalyst of personal change.   

I help people overcome personal fears and lack of confidence to discover the amazing person they really are.

I help people see potential on the horizon and formulate a clear pathway that unlocks possibilities. 

I teach people how to develop the mindset, habits and skills that enable them to become the person they truly desire to be. 

I find “the little things” that people can do that make “the big difference” — that empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things. 

I help people achieve the very best they can through diligence, creativity, integrity and authenticity—and grow in the process.

It is not enough to have lived…but to have lived a life that mattered.


My Personal Journey

My expansive career in education began in the rugged fishing town of Prince Rupert, 500 miles up the coast from Vancouver, BC, Canada. A sixth grade class of rough, “wrong-side-of-the-tracks” kids thoroughly tested my mettle as an aspiring 22-year old novice. The experience changed my focus from teaching (disseminating knowledge) to facilitating learning. It set me on a life-long quest to understand how children (and adults) learn and how best to facilitate their learning.


Prompted by God to move to Oliver, BC, my wife Miriam and I  enthusiastically embraced our new assignment: helping high school students and young adults find vibrant faith, identity and purpose in life. What started as a small Bible study in our home quickly became a prayer group in the local high school and the “Jesus Coffee House”, a drop-in centre on Main Street where youth and adults from the community gathered for fun, Bible teaching and worship.

Each one found someone who would listen without condemnation or judgment as they shared their insecurity and personal fears. Through one-on-one and group counselling, each discovered the amazing person they really were and the exciting potential they were truly capable of. With a new-found sense of value and purpose, each individual was able to create a meaningful life that mattered. A faith-based community of passionate believers, a lively non-denominational church, and a vibrant Christian school emerged.

Another God-given assignment took us and our four young children to Jamaica. As we embraced a new country and culture and shared our life-transforming message, the dynamic results helped establish four Christian schools and three churches.

Returning to Canada after our 31-year assignment in Jamaica, Miriam and I now enjoy the challenge of living together as an extended family with their youngest daughter, a single mother with two young children. I help raise these two grandchildren and assists with household duties while continuing to write and coach.

In response to the request for support from a former student facing the trauma of surgery to remove a brain tumor, I created Good Morning Cafe The short daily inspirational pieces speak hope and faith for real-life situations.

I also served on an international prophetic ministry team that helps individuals break free of personal and spiritual sabotage that prevents them from being all they were created to be and achieving the unique purpose for which they are gifted.

Confident With Purpose developed out my passion to help people live with purpose, meaning and significance. My goal is to help men and women of faith impact their world by achieving success without compromise of faith and integrity.

Some of the most enjoyable—and memorable—adventures of my personal journey are exploring the fascinating undersea world of coral reefs. My forays as a certified scuba diver in the Caribbean took me through sunken airplanes and shipwrecks, down 100-foot sea walls, and on eerie night dives. I swam with sting rays, barracudas, lion fish and nurse sharks…and live to tell the story!

I look forward to hearing your story and helping you discover the amazing person you really are. I would love to show you how to reframe your perspective and reshape your response to both circumstances and people. You will achieve amazing results through positive affirmation and resolute action.

Begin your Confident With Purpose journey today.  

Discover the amazing YOU.